Career Profile

Experienced software developer and manager, for mobile, web and backend applications.

  • Staff Engineer with a 100+ engineers team on the Walmart Grocery application (ranked #1 in the shopping app category)

  • Successfully launched multiple high profile mobile applications like Oprah, ESPN, NFL, Nascar

  • Experience building and leading development teams (1 to 14)

  • Experience in off-shore team management (China and eastern Europe)

  • Experience in both large scale industrial IT projects and start-up environments


Staff Engineer

July 2019 - present
WalmartLabs - Carlsbad

Staff Engineer on the Walmart Online Grocery Mobile application. The Walmart Grocery application reached an all-time high in downloads, grabbing the number 1 ranking position across all shopping apps in the US during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Joined a team of 100+ engineers to develop the Hybrid (React Native + Native) Grocery application

  • Added features both on the React Native (typescript) and the native iOS code base (swift)

  • Implemented, remotely, Covid-19 specific features such as contactless delivery

  • Survived 24/7 rotation shifts to support Walmart operations during Black Friday and Christmas

Director, Software Engineering

July 2016 - May 2019
Rabbit, Inc - Burlingame

Rabbit is a VC funded (Bessemer, a16z, Google Ventures) social platform that allows people to watch videos synchronously while video chatting with people from all over the world.

Rabbit was named #4 in Forbes “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Video”.

  • Built the Android mobile team to ship the Android mobile app using React Native and a few native components (WebRTC)

  • Replaced the existing iOS native app with the React Native version

  • Successfully launched the Rabbit Mobile app both on the App store and the playstore - more than 100K downloads per platform

  • Delivered a prototype to a major US carrier, in just a few weeks, by forking our code base to use their DRM specific native video player

  • Helped the web team to migrate the web application to React.

Founder, CTO

November 2015 - October 2016
Cityporter - San Diego

Co-founded Cityporter on the idea of creating a mobile market place where people can rent out space in their businesses for tourists to use as luggage storage space for short time periods while visiting cities.

Cityporter was soft-launched in New York City and Paris, France.

  • Wrote the backend on AWS mostly serverless, using API gateway (REST and GraphQL endpoints), lambdas, dynamodb, and S3.

  • Developed the mobile client using React Native.

  • Developed the host web admin client using React.

Director of Engineering

November 2015 - July 2016
PTC - San Diego

Qualcomm sold their Vuforia product to PTC in 2015.

  • showcased developments of AR applications on the Microsoft Hololens platform to validate business use cases integration with PTC product line

Senior Staff Engineering Manager

October 2012 - November 2015
Qualcomm - San Diego

Vuforia is Qualcomm's SDK to build Augmented Reality applications on mobile.

Recruited and lead a tight-knit team of 4 developers for the Apps Engineering group.

The mission of our team was to develop sample applications to support the Vuforia SDK for native iOS, native Android and Unity.

  • Worked with the product team on "showcase" and "proof of concept" applications to help the business team promoting Vuforia.

  • Helped preferred partners (McDonald's, Lego, Mattel, etc...) in their effort to build products using the Vuforia SDK.

  • Developed the sample applications for the iOS native platform using the Vuforia SDK, in Objective C, using OpenGL ES2 and Metal.

  • Developed the 3D Object scanner (native Android) to support the "3D Object Recognition" feature of the SDK.

  • Developed the calibration application (native Android) for our Head Mounted Display (HMD) devices

Software Development Manager

July 2011 - October 2012
Phunware, Inc. - San Diego

Lead a team of 14 engineers between our offices of San Diego and Santa Ana.

Brought to market Phunware’s backend infrastructure (MAAS - Mobile As a Service) by redesigning our existing commercial apps to integrate the new backend infrastructure APIs (analytics, push notification service, universal login, commenting system, reporting ...).

Rewrote parts of the NFL back end application to use a new highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure (on Amazon AWS services). The goal was to ensure that our NFL application could scale under the massive load of users during draft and game days.

Director of Software Engineering

May 2010 - August 2011
GoTV Networks - San Diego

Lead a team of 8 engineers and contractors to develop mobile applications for the iOS and Android platform.

  • NFL Game Center application - Top 10 application in the App Store. Developed a mobile-friendly REST API for the iPhone, iPad and Android clients.

  • Crackle (Sony) Application - ranked at the 2nd position in the App Store. First major free and international video application on the App Store. Ad-supported (pre-roll and mid-roll video ads) and geo-fencing capabilities to comply with distribution rights.

  • ESPN Sports Applications - Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, ESPN Bowl Bound (college football application).

Director of Software engineering

May 2005 - April 2010
Hands-On Mobile - San Diego

Lead a team of 9 developers with the mission to develop Hombre, a server driven mobile application development platform. The platform allowed us to develop native mobile applications (J2me, Android, iOS) which were dynamically updated from the backend.

Developed the backend infrastructure of Hombre (JBoss/J2EE/JMX/JMS) and the network application protocol layer for all the client platforms.

The infrastructure had to support over 100,000 concurrent users at peak time on our sports applications.

Developed an iPhone game (Kitten Cannon, in the top 50 of iPhone paid apps) as a proof of concept of a Facebook connected game.

The Hombre platform was used to successfully launch all our mobile applications.

  • Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile (130 000 unique weekly users)

  • NFL Mobile Live (800 000 unique weekly users)

  • Oprah Mobile application

  • NHRA (Drag race), NBA Mobile

Senior Software Architect

September 2000 - May 2005
MForma - San Diego

Developed and delivered J2me connected applications: Billboard (music charts application), Fantasy companions, Astrology Zone

Designed and implemented the back-end infrastructure (JBoss/J2EE) to support connected applications: ringtones delivery, server to server integrations with content providers, custom billing integration, SMS notifications.

Developed the first version of our multiplayer server, used by our top seller game "World Poker Tour"

Founder, CTO - product development

- September 2000
Unigone - Paris, France

Co-founded Unigone, with an alumnus from engineering school.

We developed and brought to market two innovative products:

  • a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) debugging system - a major world-wide PABX constructor bought our system in order to monitor the CSTA/ASN.1 messages sent by their CTI applications to their PBX.

  • a new generation of a ticketing system for movie theaters. This system was based on a client-server architecture, on Windows, using TCP-IP. The ticketing system was sold in more than 30 sites in France and Switzerland.

Founder, CTO - consulting

- September 2000
Unigone - Paris, France

In order to fund product developments for Unigone, I did some consulting for CSEE Transport

  • Responsible for designing and implementing the signaling subsystem inside the new Station Management System for the 3 lines of the Hong-Kong subway (C and C++).

  • Tasks included defining the system architecture, writing the system test specifications, scheduling, resource planning, managing the Q&A process and providing technical direction

  • Developed a real-time service API on top of the HP-UX real-time Unix system in order to provide a runtime environment allowing the response time and priority management required by the overall system.


While working for MForma, I wrote a few patents in support of our multi-device rendering platform

20090036105 - Method and system for rendering content on a wireless device
20090037724 - Server method and system for rendering content on a wireless device